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Case study

The challenge

A healthcare analytics company with a remote workforce of approximately 100 needed to scale up quickly to handle over 2,000 remote workers. It also needed to minimize capital expenditures and reduce ongoing operational costs, as well as meet rigorous industry security and privacy regulations. The existing on-premises infrastructure didn’t have the flexibility to scale quickly and easily, nor could it onboard new users within an acceptable timeframe. The company looked to Cognizant for guidance to find cost-effective, highly secure infrastructure and applications in less than six months.

Our approach

Cognizant developed a clear IT and cloud migration strategy that closely aligned with the organization’s overall business goals. Strategic work included creating an IT operating model, evaluating cloud platforms and tools, reviewing third-party best-in-class products and developing a solid proof of concept. We evaluated key criteria, such as the precise capabilities of different products to meet not only the client’s functional needs but also the extensive healthcare regulatory and compliance requirements.

Through Amazon WorkSpaces, Cognizant provided a managed, highly secure desktop-as-a-service solution. We also addressed the client’s concerns about security and authentication in the cloud by demonstrating the extensive security capabilities of the AWS Cloud platform. 

Cognizant identified migration challenges, developed a risk mitigation approach, designed and provisioned Amazon WorkSpaces infrastructure solutions, and enabled the client to provision workspaces in bulk and manage images for different teams of users.

A robust and agile infrastructure built for remote work

The cloud infrastructure powers provisioning and virtual workstations in the cloud, enabling developers to deploy resources quickly and work remotely. Migrating its infrastructure to the cloud saved the company considerable operating costs. Cognizant tapped its economies of scale to integrate leading third-party security offerings into the client’s infrastructure. 

While other businesses struggle to ramp up support during the unanticipated COVID-19 pandemic, the client is well-equipped to accommodate a rapidly growing base of remote employees with an AWS Cloud and Amazon Workspace environment in place. Remote desktops can be set up for thousands of users, with the company paying only for the workspaces it launches. This also eliminates the complexity in managing hardware inventory, OS versions and patches, and virtual desktop infrastructure. Cognizant continues to work closely with the company to both enhance its remote productivity infrastructure and provide ongoing services and support via our virtual workplace offerings.


reduced total cost of ownership in just six months

Up to 30%

faster connectivity to the corporate network


workspace computing/storage power upgrades in 10 to 15 minutes


user experience with a dedicated remote environment for users