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Case study

The challenge

Having completed numerous acquisitions, a global pharmaceutical company was left with multiple marketing platforms used by its seven siloed business units. Because the systems were not integrated, the company lacked a single source of truth for reporting. Worse, the situation risked noncompliance with the CAN SPAM Act of 2003, which requires every email sent to contain an unsubscribe option to guarantee no further communications are delivered. Potential noncompliance penalties could have cost the company millions of dollars, with fines as high as $43,000 per violation.

Our approach

The company turned to Cognizant’s Marketing Operations team to identify and implement a marketing technology solution that would consolidate email campaign efforts, manage risks and maintain compliance. We proposed an “assess-plan-run” approach to gain a comprehensive view of issues, immediately address compliance needs and introduce long-term efficiencies.

We identified processes and platforms in use during the assess phase to find gaps and determine requirements for developing a marketing roadmap. During the plan phase, we established a vendor evaluation process, identified use cases and helped management envision a new campaign operating model. The company selected Adobe Marketo for its ability to consolidate lead data and integrate with existing marketing systems.

In the run phase a marketing operations playbook defined workflows from request through execution and ensured data structures remained consistent for compliance purposes. After deploying the campaigns, Cognizant developed a training guide to transition management to the in-house marketing team.

Faster response time improves customer satisfaction

The centralized marketing platform standardized processes and provided a complete audit trail, leading to 100% compliance. Consolidating lead data and campaigns provided reporting and insights into campaign effectiveness. Thanks to a consistent campaign structure, deployment strategies and governance model, response time was 20% faster. This improved customer satisfaction, aligned stakeholders to marketing efforts and provided an enterprise-wide view of ROI.


compliance achieved within 18 weeks


improved response time, boosting customer satisfaction


maintenance and costs by consolidating multiple marketing platforms