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Case study

The challenge

A leading U.S.-based healthcare system encompassing several hospital campuses and a school of medicine had its clinical data housed in disparate systems. The organization wanted to create an integrated IT ecosystem that would consolidate all cross-department data. It needed a solution that could support rapid deployment of both production and non-production environments in a Microsoft Azure infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) setup. The organization approached Cognizant to improve its service delivery and to build a comprehensive, agile, scalable and cost-effective engineering solution.

Our approach

The client wanted to avoid any issues and errors at the point of origin in non-production environments and to achieve effectiveness through an agile development approach, for which it sought continuous integration support. Stringent compliance with security, privacy and regulatory requirements also was a critical priority. 

Combining our deep domain expertise and digital infrastructure leadership, Cognizant helped the client optimize its IT infrastructure, reduce administrative overhead and enable its team to focus on other business priorities by provisioning the organization’s environment and automating the build-and-deployment process. Using a host of leading-edge Microsoft Azure-based technologies designed to accelerate engineering throughput, we deployed tools such as Azure PowerShell scripts to automate environment creation and customization tools including Chef and Jenkins to automate deployment into Azure virtual machines. We used SonarQube to implement quality assurance and optimization at the same time. To protect the virtual machines, we deployed the Nexpose vulnerability scanner.

Leveraging cloud for cost savings

With automated environment provisioning on Microsoft Azure, the organization benefits from an integrated technology backbone and better control over its revenues with a highly scalable, available, secure and HIPAA-compliant environment. Leveraging Cognizant’s Healthcare Cloud Conversion Factory (HCCF), the hospital network realized 20% cost savings by eliminating the need to hire more resources—which in turn helped to reduce manual errors. Additionally, our solution helps the organization deploy build with the latest application code base in under 20 minutes, virtually eliminating lead time and accelerating time to market. Cloud-based provisioning also results in faster, more secure data transfer between on-premises and Azure data centers.

20% cost savings

by eliminating the need to hire more resources

20 minutes

time to deploy build with the latest application code base

Faster, more secure

data transfer between on-premises and Azure data centers