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Case study

The challenge

A leading US-based software company faced bandwidth issues in resourcing, managing different partners and executing its product roadmap. The product roadmap’s disparate management approach forced the company to release generic campaigns that lacked personalization. Balancing work priorities among different stakeholders created growing dependencies and delays.

The company wanted to migrate to cloud for scalability and better data-driven decision-making capabilities. It also wanted to reduce overall infrastructure costs, centralize disparate smaller teams, and deploy a third-party personalization and experimentation platform. The company partnered with Cognizant on a digital marketing transformation and the selection and deployment of a personalization platform.

Our approach

We brought strong product engineering expertise and quickly ramped up staff with skillsets such as data, development, digital engineering and quality assurance. We immediately offloaded the client’s staffing requirements, taking ownership of the process from end to end. To maintain clear and consistent updates during the project, we used a robust, three-tier governance and communication model with the client’s business and IT leadership, holding weekly delivery reviews, monthly strategic reviews and a quarterly executive connect summit.

Working with the client’s marketing and development teams at the offshore center, we planned, built and released projects. After initial R&D, we determined which tool to bring in, selecting the best SaaS platform to help the company handle everything needed to roll out marketing campaigns. For more scalable and reliable data coverage, we migrated the in-house data lake to AWS Cloud.

New platform positively impacts revenue

The engagement positively impacted the client’s revenue over a two-year period, increasing from a baseline of $95+M in the prior year to annual revenue of $160+M in year one and $200+M in year two. The SaaS-based digital experience platform lowers time to market by 50%. Campaign rollout dropped to less than four weeks. The platform also helped the company focus and personalize campaigns, reducing pain points through better decision-making, which positively impacts revenue.


annual revenue generated in year two

<4 weeks

campaign rollout time, reduced from 8-10 weeks


decrease in overall infrastructure costs