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Idea Couture’s team of anthropologists and behavioral scientists help Fortune 500 clients see the world differently.

Though we sometimes use words like consumer, customer, patient, employee, and user, our work is all ultimately about—and for— humans. It’s why we design, create strategies, build prototypes and products, and conduct research. And it’s why most of the people in our Insights practice are anthropologists.

For over a century, the social science of anthropology has been at the forefront of the study of cultures, behaviors, consumptions, languages, rituals, and other aspects of what it means to be human. Anthropology explores and explains experiences; disrupts organizational preconceptions about consumers, customers, patients, employees, or users; and reveals business opportunities that will truly resonate with a company’s target audience.

Theories and methodologies are what inspire our anthropologists. The application of anthropology is intellectually informed by these theories, as well as the subfields of the discipline, including biological anthropology, cultural and social anthropology, visual anthropology, and anthropological linguistics. Idea Couture has the largest group of anthropologists at the PhD level of any innovation consulting firm, and these dedicated social scientists seek to apply their knowledge and skills to practical human and business problems.

Research into human behavior can have real, tangible effects on companies of all varieties. If you’ve watched the videos above, you now have a taste of how the Idea Couture team works to put humans at the center of innovative thinking. Below, you’ll find even more about the work of Idea Couture’s anthropologists.

Click the link below to download your copy of Human Insights: Paving the Way to Innovation With Anthropological Research, an exclusive collection of anthropological analysis.