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Discover The Future of Work

Jobs of the Future Morph into Jobs of the Now

The Fourth Industrial Revolution is changing the future of work for the 164 million people in today's U.S. labor force. New technologies and tools are transforming the workplace, eliminating some jobs, reinventing others and, most importantly, creating new roles and opportunities that are emerging at an increasingly rapid pace.

These dramatic shifts in employment patterns are making it more difficult to identify which jobs will fade as software becomes more "intelligent" and which new roles will emerge in a world where machines do more and more.1 Traditional ways of thinking about job demand, training and reskilling, and long-term strategic workforce planning are becoming obsolete. It is clear that we need new ways to analyze workforce trends and patterns to help organizations and job seekers prepare for the future. To this end, and particularly to benchmark the emergence of new jobs, Cognizant's Center for the Future of Work created the Cognizant Jobs of the Future Index® (CJoF Index). Established in October 2018 and updated quarterly since then, the index provides leading indicators for how the U.S. economy is adapting in the face of technology-based innovation and disruption.

Just as the Dow Jones Index measures the daily stock movements of a set of companies, so the CJoF Index tracks quarterly job openings for a chosen set of jobs. As such, it provides insight into tomorrow's job market — and what's required for employees and employers to remain competitive. It also offers a real-time tracking instrument that identifies shifts and changes in employer demand for a wide range of jobs considered to be important and relevant in the future.

The CJoF Index First Annual Review offers insights from the Index's inaugural year. Some of the highlights include:

  • Growth of future jobs dampened by healthy growth in existing jobs.
  • Algorithms, automation and AI set the pace for the jobs of the future.
  • Healthcare is a healthy job of the future.
  • Policy matters when it comes to jobs of the future- especially for nascent environmental jobs.
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