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Before COVID-19 hit, most manufacturers had a leisurely attitude about adopting Industry 4.0 practices and technologies. But the pandemic changed everything. Today’s fast-changing consumer behaviors and supply/demand realities, as well as unprecedented shifts in plant operations due to social distancing, mean time is no longer a luxury the industry can afford.

As part of our extensive study of digital maturity (for which we teamed with ESI ThoughtLab), we researched manufacturers’ status on the digital learning curve — exploring commitment, investment, scalability and more. We then sorted the leaders from the laggards and analyzed the moves top manufacturers are making that others can emulate.

Our research turned up many reasons for optimism. Manufacturers now grasp the urgency of the digital imperative and are prepared to embrace it. Moreover, industry leaders have laid out a roadmap that can go a long way toward ensuring success.

To learn more, read the full version of our 2020 study, “Stepping up the Pace,” visit the Manufacturing section of our website or contact us.