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With its prime position as the gateway to Europe, the Netherlands continues to benefit from a thriving and dynamic economy—with Amsterdam championed by some as the future of European finance following Brexit. Businesses in the region also boast an ambitious digital strategy, alongside robust investments in environmental sustainability.

The nation continues to score highly in the Digital Economy and Society Index, due to robust business investment in digital technologies and the high prevalence of digital skills across its workforce. And it receives accolades for its material reuse rates and waste management.

With digital and sustainable ways of working, shopping and relaxing increasingly embedded into Dutch residents’ everyday life, business leaders face both considerable opportunities—and challenges—to keep pace with stakeholder expectations and adapt to changing business environments.

In our work to define what it takes to be future-ready—and how close businesses are to reaching a future-ready state—Cognizant commissioned Economist Impact to conduct a survey of 2,000 senior executives, including 135 executives from the Netherlands, across industries and geographies, as well as create a future-ready benchmarking tool (see our full report, “Ready for anything: what it means to be a modern business”).

Our own analysis of this data underscores what executives in the Netherlands and globally need to do now to prepare.    

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