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We work with over 170 life sciences companies globally across 1,500 projects and book over three million engineering hours in one year. 

Internationally recognized best practices for project execution and management

We provide comprehensive support throughout the entire project integration process, covering planning, design, build, testing and qualification. Our expertise lies in integrating automation, data infrastructure, lab informatics and MES projects globally for life sciences clients, enabling digital transformation and enhancing patient health.
We meticulously adhere to our software development lifecycle model, ensuring efficient project implementation at every stage. Our success stems from our extensive knowledge and experience in software technologies, business systems, platforms, operating systems, hardware and industry-specific requirements.
Our primary focus is on cost optimization for complex systems integration projects, driving efficiency and delivering value to our clients.
Reduce risk through planning
Reduce risk through planning

Our services include project execution and quality plans, schedule and resource loading, success criteria, testing strategies, and risk planning and management.

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Connected by intent design
Connected by intent design

Our offering includes process definitions, prototype building, testing environments and project reporting plans with earned value. We specialize in enterprise data architecture design and ensure seamless connectivity and integration.

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Build and test expertise
Build and test expertise

Our execution phase includes infrastructure, app, software and hardware build. Deliverables undergo internal/FAT, engineering shakedowns, integration testing, process simulation testing, and system stress testing.

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Specialist project execution consultants
Specialist project execution consultants

We provide support throughout the program lifecycle, offering specialized expertise in project execution and program management at every stage to ensure successful outcomes.

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Maintenance, support and remediations
Maintenance, support and remediations

We offer adjustment, software patching and seamless migration from legacy versions of application software, hardware and operating systems. We also ensure data integrity and minimize system downtime.

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Cognizant life sciences manufacturing services

IT-OT Consultancy

Leverage over 2,000+ world-class IT-OT consultants working across manufacturing and labs, to ensure your digital technologies align with and effectively meet your business objectives. Our expertise spans corporate programs, digital strategies, and roadmaps to manufacturing systems concepts, design, and compliance.

System Integration

Access extensive support throughout the entire project integration process, covering planning, design, build, testing and qualification. Drive seamless, on-time and within-budget project implementations while meeting your business requirements. Count on our expertise to execute your projects successfully, enabling digital transformation and enhancing patient health.

Site Services

Boost manufacturing uptime and audit readiness with our high-touch support services. Manage OT, manufacturing IT and QC lab system lifecycle for peak compliance. Cognizant delivers a comprehensive range of site services, and our tailored solutions handle all manufacturing support requirements, whether onsite or offsite.

Thought leadership

IT-OT convergence, advanced analytics and AI, powered by a "connected by intent" mindset

Explore how these technologies are driving evolution in the biopharma sector for the new digital age.

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Enhancing data infrastructure in manufacturing with process analytical technologies (PAT)

Read how using PAT data effectively in manufacturing provides real-time operational insights for better control, higher yields, purity and shorter cycle times.

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How digital twin technology can benefit life sciences manufacturing

Digital twin technology offers life sciences manufacturers a promising solution to streamline processes and improve data quality and integrity. Read our blog to find out more.

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Gaurav Marya

Life Sciences SBU Head & Global Head of Health Sciences M&A, Cognizant

Jim Lehane

AVP, Head of Life Sciences Manufacturing

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