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Online whiteboard

What is an online whiteboard?

An online whiteboard—also called an interactive whiteboard—is a learning tool that delivers the benefits of a traditional in-room whiteboard to remote colleagues over the web. It enables presenters to explain concepts and explore ideas with colleagues in real time over the internet—typically via a videoconferencing application (such as Webex, Zoom, Teams, etc.).

What are the business benefits of an online whiteboard?

Online whiteboards have become critical tools for both businesses and academic institutions, improving efficiency, convenience, engagement and performance. Among this tool’s most prevalent benefits are:

  • Anywhere, any-device access. An online whiteboard can be accessed from nearly any laptop, tablet, phone, etc., with an internet connection and the appropriate videoconferencing application.
  • Real-time brainstorming. As opposed to flat, one-sided presentations such as PowerPoints, an online whiteboard spurs engagement, allowing colleagues to interact with the material in real time, add their own input and make changes on the fly.
  • Improved communication. Presenters can share files or entire screens, so all remote meeting attendees can view the same information regardless of their location.
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