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Cloud data council

What is a cloud data council? 

A cloud data council is a team made up of corporate and cloud provider team members, whose mission is to drive adoption and efficient use of an organization’s cloud data services. The corporate team usually consists of legal, compliance, lines of business and IT/data science stakeholders. The council helps the IT department determine how business data—including data from mobile devices and IoT device sensors—travels within and outside a firewall.

What are the business benefits of a cloud data council?

A cloud data council can optimize the benefits of cloud data services while minimizing risk and cost. It can do so by:

  • Providing flexible, democratized access to data through open platforms and marketplaces, enabling multiple organizations to share information.
  • Generating and managing processes, metrics and workflows to ensure successful implementation of the organization’s cloud data modernization plans.
  • Ensuring proper security and compliance, executing policies that range from data access to data encryption.
  • Teaming with internal departments (such as procurement) to ensure cost-effective utilization of the organization’s cloud resources.
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