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Case study

The challenge

Leading biotechnology company CSL Behring needed a global solution to identify and track the thousands of Tenders that generate significant annual revenue. The company wanted to be able to identify upcoming Tenders, respond to current ones and get the results of past responses so that it could more efficiently and profitably decide whether to bid and how to bid for each opportunity. As Tender management is a very complex process and is often handled by local bid teams—and tracked manually by spreadsheets and phone calls, using unique processes for each geography—it was difficult for the top management to get an overall view of the current and expected Tender pipeline and the revenue it is expected to generate. Determined to deploy a solution across 75 markets worldwide to optimize its Tender management process, CSL Behring partnered with Cognizant to select and deploy a solution to realize its vision.

Our approach

After a comprehensive evaluation, CSL Behring chose FBK CM|XS (BackOffice) for its maturity, flexibility, support for end-to-end Tender management and ability to provide analytics and reports with KPI dashboards in a corporate business intelligence system. The FBK CM|XS application was extended to also manage requests for proposals (RFPs) and requests for quotes (RFQs) opportunities. Cognizant and FBK developed over 100 proposal templates in more than 10 languages and 18+ currencies. The deployment team consolidated and standardized data about Tenders and competitors in a data lake and provided analytics and reports in KPI dashboards. Working closely with the various local teams over 18 months and despite the travel bans imposed during the COVID-19 pandemic, the deployment of the solution was on time and under budget.

Prioritizing, preparing and submitting winning proposals

CSL Behring is now able to prioritize, prepare and submit winning and profitable proposals as a result of implementing a global Tender management system, in partnership with Cognizant and FBK. The joint Cognizant & FBK team configured the solution to meet the requirements of each market and user group, ensuring it was functional and met all legal requirements. The benefits include a centralized repository of harmonized data with bids and their status, visibility and insights into the global bid pipeline and improved decision making via centralized reports and advanced analytics. The new global Tender management solution is expected to reduce overall operation costs through standard processes and automated approvals and increase overall revenue.


onboarding workshops provided


local experts trained


proposal templates developed