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Case study

The challenge

SPH Media is the leading mainstream media company in Singapore with media solutions in print, digital, radio and outdoor. Although SPH Media was already using an intelligent test automation tool that promised a codeless, AI-powered approach, the product’s capabilities could not be fully realized. It needed a technology partner to help address challenges with manual testing, limited resources for regression coverage and automating multilingual applications. 

Cognizant’s capabilities in digital, automation and innovation, as well as a detailed project plan and the ability to meet SPH Media’s requirements and timeline, convinced the company to choose us for the engagement.

Our approach

Cognizant’s quality engineering and assurance consultants performed a discovery assessment on SPH Media’s original automation testing framework, which supported a few disparate applications. We finalized the end-to-end automation framework, aligning the test team with the agile development team to ensure completed scripts are run on the SPH Media's test environment before the hand-over.

Our consultants combined two different automation frameworks to synergize the efficiency of automating the test cases. The existing TOSCA 14.2 Vision AI was used to automate web-based testing, API and multilingual test cases, wherever possible, as it has a self-healing capability and reduced script maintenance requirements. The Cognizant UAF framework was used to automate all mobile applications, mobile browsers, audio, video and Mac Safari web test cases.

Based on the new enhanced framework, we delivered this program in a fully offshore delivery model using a hybrid test infrastructure with devices on cloud and on premises.

Automated testing makes digital products more robust

As a result of the automation, SPH Media can now find and resolve issues much faster and more effectively. The new solution eliminated previous issues in the areas of application UI changes, version upgrades and functionality—these issues are now managed by scripts. From a technology and operational standpoint, major improvements were achieved, including automation of more than 6,500 test cases, accounting for 70% coverage of total test cases and a reduction in the time to run sanity and regression tests—without the need for manual intervention—from four to six hours to 1.5 hours.

Through the partnership with Cognizant, SPH Media was able to address its challenges and achieve positive business outcomes. Today, with its automated verification platform in place, SPH Media has a foundation to support new initiatives and flagship digital products such as SPH Media News Tablet.

~35% reduction

in testing duration per sprint per product

~65% increase

in test cases executed per sprint per product


web uptime and mobile crash-free rate