Case study

The challenge

Smart homes—those equipped with connected lighting, heating and electronic devices that can be controlled remotely by a smartphone or computer—require stringent testing to ensure customer safety and trust. Moreover, the human effort required to simulate user interaction with smart devices makes quality assurance (QA) all the more cumbersome. 

A leading U.K. energy supplier entered the highly competitive, device-intensive smart home market. The company was looking for a QA partner with utilities digital expertise who understood the technological complexities of smart home solutions and could deliver an automated testing environment to assure seamless, end-to-end functioning of connected devices and apps.

Our approach

Cognizant simulated the client’s home automation ecosystem in a test lab to deliver industrialized QA services. This ensures behavior and interoperability of the connected system. We also eliminated human intervention by implementing our TEBOT Intellectual Property (IP) to mimic human-to-device interaction. The result is a fully automated, pay-as-you-go QA service.

Fully automated quality assurance for smart homes

Cognizant’s state-of-the-art QA solution, powered by IPs and a strong technology ecosystem, helps assure a top-notch user experience for a smart homes system. Our unique technology solution won the “Best Use of Technology” award at the European Software Testing Awards (TESTA).

50% faster

software release time through end-to-end automation


smart home mobile app on the iOS App Store in the U.K.