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Case study

The challenge

A global digital payments provider wanted to consolidate its design group in California, creating a central hub for the company’s product, engineering and design talent in one location and thus accelerating product development. The company wanted to provide strategic and flexible user experience (UX) design services, ensuring consistency and continuity of project resources. The digital payments provider also wanted to establish last-mile design support to global product design and engineering teams, as well as create governance for efficient, effective coordination across projects. Above all, the company wanted a partner that could staff the new hub with 35 UX design consultants and ramp it up for scale and agility—in 30 days. The client chose Cognizant Digital Experience, one of the largest design services groups in the industry, to take on the challenge.

Our approach

Our first step was to train UX designers in the ideation and research that’s central to product companies. We standardized the digital payments provider’s processes to ensure effective collaboration among its consolidated teams. Although the company wanted to capitalize on the benefits of reusable user interface (UI) components, the team it had set up lacked the dedicated staff required to keep files updated and ensure a living toolkit housed the standardized UI components.

So, we established an environment for the free flow of ideas, holding sync-up meetings and prioritizing team collaboration. Each UI component is assigned a code that helps the product design team design and scale faster. Procedure standardization facilitates further knowledge sharing among team members.

Establishing UX design hub for future company success

The Cognizant Digital Experience team’s collaboration and knowledge-sharing approach condensed the digital payments provider’s product cycle and resulted in 35 percent faster time to market. Within 24 months, the central design hub delivered a total of 25 product releases.


faster time to market


product releases in 24 months


ramp-up of the hub, as dictated by the client