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Case study

The challenge

A leading global technology company needed a new approach to managing one of its key global applications. It also wanted a cost-effective solution to combat rising application maintenance fees. The company recognized the need for stronger documentation and better service-level agreements (SLAs) for its Oracle Agile Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) to effectively manage this software. Given our decades-long strategic partnership, the company turned to Cognizant for a solution.

Our approach

The first step in our strategy was to set up an offshore development center in India to handle development and testing. Next, we initiated a three-month knowledge transfer session with the company’s home office in the United States to establish Cognizant as the sole service provider for the Oracle Agile PLM application. During this step we also compiled documentation on Agile PLM and the 75 associated applications, which we would also manage. An experienced transition leader managed the transition end-to-end, while an offshore Oracle-proficient team—led by experienced managers with Agile PLM and business integration expertise—provided support. We used the Six Sigma approach to enhance the quality of key processes.

Transitioning application management improves service, lowers costs

This solution provides enterprise application support as a managed service, delivering improved support and service at a lower cost. We completed the transition in about six months, meeting all SLAs and reducing total effort by 158 hours per month. System availability is now at 99.95 percent, surpassing the client’s expectations. Partnering with us frees up the company’s capital resources and leadership capacity, so it can focus on other business priorities.


improvements and innovations worth more than $1.5 million


$84,000 per quarter


total effort by 158 hours per month


client expectations with 99.95 % system availability