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Case study

The challenge

A multinational financial services company was functioning with a legacy teller platform, with a local server running at each of its 5,000+ US retail bank branches. The monolithic legacy platform limited the bank’s ability to roll out new features, as it required substantial effort and time to manually deploy new features to all its branches. The bank also wanted to migrate from its existing in-branch server model to a high-performance, browser-centric application with a centralized infrastructure that would speed time to market, lower costs and help improve customer experiences. The bank engaged Cognizant to help with the modernization initiative.

Our approach

We used modular development technologies and an up-to-date digital tech stack to design, develop and help roll out a new high-performing digital branch teller platform with a browser-based common UI. Our team designed and co-developed the new platform by reverse-engineering more than 50 types of customer transactions and 2,000+ business rules from the legacy system. Our client entrusted the Cognizant team with developing complex and critical backbone modules for deposits, foreign currency and regulatory reporting. We integrated every transaction from these modules—and modules developed by our client and other vendors—with a wide variety of peripheral devices, keeping the “middle logic” standardized for all while enhancing the user experience of each.

Leveraging digital to improve business agility

We delivered high-quality code for the massive, highly business-critical and complex platform that supported a seamless rollout and paved the way for digital transformation. We also delivered a variety of reusable components, accelerators and innovative solutions, such as lazy loading for UI components, a transaction locking mechanism and a custom rules engine for reusable business rules. Because the new modularized, cloud-enabled platform uses modern engineering principles, the bank anticipates increased business agility and improved reliability of branch operations. The bank also plans to leverage the insights and data analytics the platform enables to transform customer experiences and teller interactions.

<6 hours

IT deployment time, reduced from 6 weeks


faster response time

Reduced code complexity

from 10 million to 1.5 million lines of code