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Case study

The challenge

A leading U.S.-based health insurer wanted to migrate its on-premises data center to the cloud to improve efficiency, increase agility and reduce administration expenses. Cloud migration offers a plethora of advantages, such as improved reliability and scalability, as well as faster provisioning and more cost-effective time to market. However, for many healthcare industry players, the question is not whether to shift to the cloud to realize its many benefits but how to make the transition. Given Cognizant’s extensive experience in migration assessments, the organization turned to us to aid in the transition process.

Our approach

Our transition roadmap included Discovery, Analysis and Planning phases. The Analysis phase followed three parameters: cloud fitment, cloud migration assessment and total cost of ownership (TCO). The critical considerations for the cloud fitment analysis included regulatory and compliance requirements, technology support, infrastructure dependencies and license portability. We conducted the TCO analysis using our CloudFrame and Cloud TCO calculator. 

Our understanding of the client’s IT and application environments informed the initial assessment. We then helped the client find answers to questions related to enterprise needs, along with identifying actionable insights on various factors such as cost, choice of cloud, risks, compliance and security. Utilizing our Cloud Steps Transformation Framework and backed by our vendor and multi-industry assessment capabilities, we assessed the client’s 300-plus applications and more than 600 servers, as well as the suitability of each, for the transition.

Driving actionable and well-informed decisions

Cognizant’s Healthcare Cloud Assessment (HCA) framework provided the client with a holistic view, including return on investment information, as well as a cloud migration roadmap and a high-level cloud migration architecture, all of which helped the health insurer drive actionable, well-informed decisions. We provided recommendations that would result in annual post-migration cost savings of 34%. We also identified suitable landing zones based on parameters such as licensing, hosting and storage costs, services bouquet and technology, and respective hosting regions. After determining the application grouping, we developed a detailed migration plan covering both cloud foundation architecture and design.

Recommended 34%

in annual post-migration cost savings with actionable insights

Faster and more informed

decision-making process


cloud migration strategy for cloud-suitable applications