Helping organizations engage people and uncover insight from data to shape the products, services and experiences they offer
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  • Working to reshape business models, modernize products and enhance customer experiences to drive growth.
  • Reinventing and managing your most essential business processes with new ways of working.
  • Simplifying, modernizing and securing the IT infrastructure and applications that are the backbone of your business.
Helping organizations engage people and uncover insight from data to shape the products, services and experiences they offer
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Strategic alliances with the world's leading companies enable us to provide complete solutions to your business and IT challenges.

ServiceNow provides innovative cloud-based services that help transform enterprise operations.

ServiceNow replaces the unstructured work patterns of the past with intelligent workflows of the future. It improves service levels, energizes employees and transforms enterprises to Work At LightSpeed. Analysts consider the company to be a leading provider of cloud-based services for transforming enterprise operations. Its services include a suite of applications built on a proprietary platform that automates workflow and provides integration between related business processes.

Organizations deploy ServiceNow to create a single system of record for enterprise IT, lower operational costs and enhance efficiency. Additionally, the platform is used to build custom applications for automating activities unique to each client's business requirements.

Transform and run enterprise operations more efficiently.


Simplify, Modernize and Secure your Digital Enterprise with ServiceNow & Cognizant.

Cognizant is a ServiceNow Gold certified Sales and Services Partner, Bronze certified Technology partner and a global Multi Service Provider (MSP) partner. Cognizant has successfully completed over 150 implementations and provides post implementation support and managed services, covering core IT Service Management (ITSM), IT Operations Management (ITOM), Security Operations, Enterprise Service Management (ESM) and Business Service Management (BSM) processes.

Cognizant has driven customer value and benefits by leveraging its deep industry expertise, trusted advisor status with 1300+ global 2000 companies and a dedicated business unit focused on ServiceNow. Customers across the globe have chosen Cognizant to consult, implement and support ServiceNow to:

  • Drive faster time-to-market by helping build business and vertical domain applications
  • Simplify, modernize and secure IT by modernizing ITSM, optimizing performance, resolving security threats, eliminating service outages, managing cloud sprawl and providing greater control of applications, projects and financials
  • Drive customer loyalty and experience by leveraging the true power of ServiceNow platform

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Working in collaboration with ServiceNow, Cognizant can help you in:

1. Modernizing IT Service Management

Cognizant has developed a wide range of service offerings and accelerators to help you modernize IT Service Management. One such example is the Golden Template—a Cognizant development framework—which helps accelerate the modernization of ITSM and consists of:

  • 6 processes of ITSM
  • Customer analytics
  • Integration with Drastin reporting technology that can generate reports from free text searches and delivers search-driven data analysis
  • Integration with products such as Ushur that drives mobile micro-engagement using SMS and enables convenient machine-to-human interactions using ServiceBots

Cognizant’s implementation and support offerings can be utilized to modernize ITSM across four different packages which are Swift, Fast Track, Classic and Custom.

2. Eliminating Service Outage

Cognizant has developed a unique ServiceBurst offering to help you with service mapping and end-to-end Configuration Management Database (CMDB) services which includes implementation of ServiceWatch, CMDB modeling, event management and discovery. Custom identification and connectivity patterns are developed to map virtually any off-the-shelf or proprietary—customer-developed—applications by ServiceWatch.

Leveraging the power of AI and IoT, Cognizant is working on an "Ops IT" Service Bot framework which would go beyond L1 & L2 task automation.

3. Managing Cloud Sprawl

In the multi-cloud/hybrid cloud world, it is important to be able to manage cloud sprawl. Cognizant has developed a CloudOps platform, uniquely built for ServiceNow customers, with the following functionalities to manage Cloud sprawl.

  • Dedicated cloud management portal 
  • Pre-built service catalog with services to provision, decommission, clone, move cloud instances on public cloud
  • CMDB integration and management of cloud instances in ServiceNow
  • My Asset portal within cloud management module
  • Order specific cloud assets

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4. Resolving Issues and Security Threats Quickly

As ServiceNow becomes more and more critical for your business, it is important to leverage the power of ServiceNow as a platform to allow for other best-of-breed products to be integrated with ServiceNow to resolve your issues in faster pace. Skype4Business, Mobility and Ambient temperature monitoring app are examples of leveraging the ecosystem to resolve your issues faster and driving customer loyalty.

Resolving security threats can be resolved quickly by integrating third-party security tools with ServiceNow SecOps module. Cognizant has implemented security incident response capability which is part of ServiceNow's Security Operations suite for a US-based financial services customer. The customer achieved proactive threat and vulnerability coverage by integrating with products such as SumoLogic. Features such as Post Incident Review (PIR) and PIR survey were also leveraged as part of the solution.

5. Consumerizing the Employee Experience

In this digital age, it is important to provide employees with consumer-like service experience. Cognizant has used ServiceNow to provide our customers as well as our internal associates fast and easy access to the HR services in the areas of:

  • Custom HR service management solution
  • Cognizant DonateNow
  • Cognizant ServiceNow CoE KM portal 

6. Optimizing Performance with Real-time Analytics

By leveraging ServiceNow's Performance Analytics module, key performance indicators (KPIs) and metrics can be accessed easily. This enables you to be proactive about improving business services. Our Performance Analytics solution utilizes ServiceNow PA module to provide best-in-class and delivery specific KPIs, certified by our process specialists. Some of the features include:

  • Set of 180+ best-in-class KPIs configured, which includes out-of-the-box as well as custom KPIs recommended by Cognizant process consultants
  • Well-defined and interactive dashboards with customized formulae and breakdowns aligned towards real world scenarios
  • Predictive indicators built using historical and present data for continuous service improvement

7. Building Business Applications in Accelerated Mode

Cognizant has developed multiple accelerators that help faster implementation of ServiceNow solutions. Some of the key accelerators are:

  • Service Portal templates: Industry specific themed portal templates that cover 20+ different domains
  • Service Portal re-usable code: Repository that exhibits latest UI elements along with its code, to ease complexities faced by project teams while working on front-end aspects and hence speed up their work
  • Cognizant Integrat’R’ accelerator: A package which enables the easy integration of ServiceNow with third party applications using Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) protocol which can be set up with minimal coding
  • Automated test suite: 350+ tests designed for various ITSM process areas of Cognizant’s Golden Template that provides better test coverage with well-defined test on various areas thus reducing testing efforts and improving productivity

8. Taking Control of Apps, Projects and Financials

ServiceNow’s IT Business Management module provides you all the visibility needed on projects and application portfolios. We have used these features to build offerings such as the requirements manager app, mobility app and student experience app. We implemented a highly customized end-to-end lifecycle for idea and demand management for utilities client in U.S.

9. Transforming Service Management through Artificial Intelligence, IoT and Chat Bots

Artificial Intelligence is poised to transform service management from system of record to system of intelligence by looking at unstructured data and applying a degree of intelligence making inferences about what is happening, then use AI to predict on what is going to happen. Cognizant has been investing heavily in this area and provides services that transform service management into intelligent discipline.

Some of the focus areas include intelligent knowledge base, virtual assistants and chat bots, service desk L0 and L1 task automation. Our key offerings include:

  • iVA – Interactive virtual assistant to enhance end user experience on ServiceNow platform
  • Skye4B and Cortana integration with ServiceNow
  • IBM Watson with ServiceNow

Constantly Ready Infrastructure (CRI)

Cognizant’s Constantly Ready Infrastructure Framework incorporates ITIL, CMMI and best-in-class industry practices to ensure continuous service improvement, efficiency and cost reduction during the contract lifecycle. CRI leverages ServiceNow as a critical solution component and partner in its objective to help customers digitize, integrate and automate their business processes and operations.

Cognizant-ServiceNow Case Studies

  • A US financial services company reduces costs, simplifies operations and gains visibility needed to manage IT performance and business service delivery more effectively with highly automated IT asset management solutions from Cognizant and ServiceNow.
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  • A major Dutch telecom provider gains streamlined operations and improved service delivery with Cognizant-led optimization and management of the ServiceNow Multi Service Provider (MSP) ITSM platform. Learn More
  • A major utility and energy company enhances existing ServiceNow implementation with Cognizant expertise to enhance user experience, streamline workflows, define customer processes and consolidate client businesses. Learn More
  • An internationally known financial service and payments solutions company simplifies and modernizes IT service management with highly customized implementation of ServiceNow platform by Cognizant to gain speed and agility necessary to support innovation in payment products, services and business models. Learn More
  • A global financial services giant gains flexibility to introduce new services faster and equip business users for productivity with Cognizant development and implementation of custom application in ServiceNow ITSM platform. Learn More
  • A leading European banking group reduces costs, streamlines operations and improves service delivery and user satisfaction with Cognizant-led migration to the ServiceNow cloud ITSM platform. Learn More

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