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March 13, 2024

Improving Workday time-to-value with post-deployment support

Having a good time-to-value is important—here's how post-deployment support and Workday post- production support can help.

When going live with new software such as Workday, leaders and employees alike want the transition to be as streamlined and easy as possible. There are often bumps in the road, especially in the beginning when the technology is brand new to employees and they are adjusting to new systems and changes. That’s where post-deployment support can be of great use, helping organizations improve their time-to-value with Workday. 

When organizations make a change as significant as implementing Workday, they want to see results as soon as possible. A great deal of time, money and resources have been poured into the project and stakeholders are eager to get confirmation that their efforts are showing strong returns. On top of that, organizations choose to digitally transform to address certain pain points and the sooner those pain points are eliminated the better.

Below are a few examples of how post-deployment support improves the time-to-value of Workday, from streamlining the transition to supporting your organization during updates. 

Smoother transition 

After implementing Workday, there is a learning period where organizations and employees are beginning to understand how to navigate the new system. Workday post-production support can act as a guide to answer questions and assist with solving issues that may arise. The support can free employees from handling the tedious tasks of responding to repetitive questions and allows them to focus more on value-added activities and their usual day-to-day responsibilities. 

Stress-free updates 

Workday is an evolving software solution, offering updates that are consistently raising its value and efficacy for users. Workday post-production support can help keep updates from feeling overwhelming and stressful. Your organization may want to expand the Workday products it uses beyond what was originally envisioned. With the right post-deployment support, your organization can make the most of these new updates, leading to an even better return on your Workday investment. 

Merge and acquire more easily 

Regarding mergers and acquisitions, integrating two different types of systems into one is a large, crucial part of the process. Workday post-production support can step in and help make sure the integration is achieved in a smooth, timely and accurate manner. Having a post-deployment support team to handle the legwork of strategic planning and training employees on their new system frees up existing employees from taking the burden. 

Technical support 

Beyond teaching the employees of your organization how to use Workday and providing support when questions arise, a Workday consultancy and their post-deployment support team can help and troubleshoot when technical issues arise. Knowing that technical support is not far away can bring peace of mind to your team(s) who take in service requests and technical questions.

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