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Case study

The challenge

A non-profit organization representing the most popular college entrance exam in the U.S. has a lofty goal: “Modernize the Test Day Experience.” In a pandemic-induced social distancing environment, this requires remote—that is, at home—testing for millions of students annually.

The company called on Cognizant Softvision to build custom digital tools and platforms to virtualize the testing experience for all key stakeholders: test administrators and coordinators, students taking the exam, and employees who support test days.

Our approach

The Cognizant Softvision team walked the client through the process of defining differentiated digital experiences and identifying tools for test administrators, students and the company’s command center. We determined that several new software and technology solutions were needed and that enabling these applications required back-end system modernization and a clear roadmap for how to deliver these experiences. 

Because the pandemic postponed several onsite test events, we conducted online workshops with key stakeholders to brainstorm how to virtualize the testing experience during social distancing. We then developed the technology, including customized web and mobile applications, for test administrators and coordinators to remotely conduct pretest planning, manage virtual test days and complete post-test processes, all digitally.

From onsite to online testing

Coronavirus-related social distancing has not only impacted standard onsite testing, it has accelerated the client’s plans to create and launch an online testing model. The company is now working toward a pilot online test event.


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