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Case study

The challenge

Our client, Planned Administrators, Inc. (PAI), was operating a legacy standalone customer service (CS) application that was not integrated with its core administration system, Cognizant’s TriZetto® QicLink™. QicLink contained all needed details, and the CS system had notes and other member information. When a member or provider called, PAI’s service representatives had to toggle between systems, which slowed call resolution time, hurting agent productivity. In addition, the CS application did not have a modern user interface and it was expensive to maintain, requiring regular patches to ensure its compliance with federal and customer security standards. PAI wanted to reduce the time and costs while improving operational efficiency to deliver a modern customer experience and support new lines of business.

Our approach

PAI added the Cognizant TriZetto QicLink Customer Service module so it could retire its standalone service application. QicLink tech support teams assisted in the implementation of the CS module while building additional infrastructure to support PAI’s new lines of dental business. IT made the corporate data center accessible and opened the application programming interface (API) between QicLink and the service module.

To prepare PAI’s customer service staff to use the new module, we created WebEx recordings with PAI to train users. Using QicLink consultant training services, our client migrated from its existing solution and started processing calls within 60 days. The seamless integration between the QicLink Customer Service module and the QicLink core system has greatly improved PAI service representatives’ efficiency. All member data is now accessible via a single screen. The QicLink module has an intuitive, web-based look and feel that matches that of the QicLink core. Now service representatives can swiftly access data.

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Cognizant’s TriZetto QicLink transforms customer service

The integrated solution creates a single source of truth for easy reference and has resulted in a 10% reduction in call time, improved quality and the ability to handle additional call volumes without adding staff. By retiring the standalone application and implementing QicLink Customer Service, PAI reduced internal IT resource support time. The streamlined data access and interface allowed representatives to focus more on the customer and the accuracy of the call documentation. PAI reduced call handle time by approximately one minute by eliminating switching between customer service and claims applications and enabling representatives to view an explanation of benefits (EOB) with just one click via QicLink’s integration with a partner’s payment solution.


reduction in call time


saved in annual IT maintenance costs


in annual fees eliminated