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Case study

The challenge

Our client is one of the largest construction equipment manufacturers in the world that provides financial and insurance products to customers through a worldwide dealer network. Its in-house outdated legacy procurement system was spread across several countries and was not centralized, which made it difficult to keep track of approval and invoice systems. There was minimal intelligence on the source-to-pay cycle due to the lack of real-time dashboards and difficult buying experiences for users. This led to spend leakage to non-preferred suppliers, resulting in lost spend reduction opportunities, and the cost of maintenance for a decentralized system was too high. The company needed a partner to help reengineer procure-to-pay processes as well as replace and retire the current legacy system. 

Our approach

Cognizant helped the company design a global architecture for its supply chain landscape and defined the roadmap for the global rollout. We were responsible for the global implementation and rollout of Coupa, a leading cloud-based procurement platform, that catered to the requirements of individual markets. Cognizant customized Coupa’s configuration according to the client’s business requirements while enabling its integration with multiple ERP systems. A new indirect procurement process was deployed with Coupa. We coordinated with different middleware teams, proposed an enhancement on the interface that would fix subsequent dependent incidents and enabled extended weekend and hourly support for critical incidents. Cognizant drove digital transformation for the client and developed a repository of properly documented standard operating procedures (SOPs). The project also helped the company create a single view of indirect spend across the entire enterprise, which led to better spend leverage and ecommerce user experiences.

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Digital transformation improves spend management

The enterprise-wide adoption of Coupa provided intuitive user experiences, such as services offered in multiple languages and guided buying services across more than 200 facilities/regions. Enhanced user experiences drove business reporting and performance for the company. Our solutions provided better insights into buying behavior and procurement trends. This enabled proactive spend management for the company through real-time reporting from dashboards available in Coupa. With these streamlined capabilities, the client could connect enterprise customers with the supplier community and facilitate collaboration through negotiated pricing and preferred suppliers. The client’s previous first pass invoice match of 46% increased to 90%, reducing rework and period costs for the company. The transformation program also helped the company lower supply fees and gain $7.5 million in benefits.


reduction in implementation timeline


reduction of support tickets


decrease in development cycle