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Case study

The challenge

Grundfos is a global water technology company and the world’s largest water pump manufacturer. The company manufactures more than 16 million pumps every year, providing drinking and irrigation water and removing wastewater around the world. Grundfos utilizes a large amount of data generated by its connected pumps to predict failures and detect leaks. 

The company’s SAP system supports more than 19,000 employees across more than 60 countries. But the prior system—ECC 6.0—was 20 years old and lacked the ability to integrate emerging technologies such as AI, machine learning, analytics, IoT and blockchain. As a trusted partner of three years, Grundfos reached out to Cognizant to help migrate the company’s SAP ECC Business Suite to ERP S/4HANA Digital Core.

Our approach

Grundfos and Cognizant established joint, multi-level program governance, balancing control and trust with an aim to reduce risk. This enabled transparent communication and a clear outline of team roles, responsibilities and accountability. The project included more than 200 global consultants from Cognizant, Grundfos and SAP—all working remotely for the entirety of the project due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The team performed a 24/7 SAP S/4HANA migration over the Easter holiday within the span of a 96-hour scheduled downtime window. The project’s scope covered financial supply chain management, cash management, business partnership, settlement management and global trade services. The team used a customer-centric approach throughout the migration and involved users across more than 60 countries.

Migrating from legacy systems to meet future SAP requirements

Together, Cognizant and Grundfos successfully moved 25 TB of data and 1.9 billion financial records to S/4HANA Digital Core. After the company’s S/4HANA migration, Grundfos has a future-ready ERP platform with better technology to support business innovation, agility and insights. In addition to staying ahead of the curve with an updated SAP platform, the migration will allow Grundfos to build new key capabilities across digital engineering, data analytics and digital ecosystem.


saved by optimizing business downtime

25 TB of data and 1.9B

financial records migrated to S/4HANA


obsolete custom objects removed and 6 years of financial data archived