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Modernize business processes 

Cognizant’s industry expertise and cloud-ready solutions speed the way toward the intelligent enterprise—and future-proof your business for whatever comes next.
Today’s modern SAP S/4HANA enterprise needs integrated systems of intelligence that provide operational visibility, performance transparency and immediate insights. As a global leader in business transformation, Cognizant partners with you to reimagine processes and bring a new competitive edge to your business.
We leverage a suite of SAP-certified and co-innovated tools, accelerators and proprietary solutions that provide support at every stage of your S/4HANA journey. From hybrid conversions to greenfield cloud-first implementations, we optimize your enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems to minimize disruption and maximize business value.

Our results tell the story

Cognizant and SAP S/4HANA deliver real-world value to clients through digital transformation.


operational efficiencies improvement


lower infrastructure costs


response time improvement


reduction in downtime


decrease in order lead times


greater productivity

Get S/4HANA right the first time                

Cognizant’s Intelligent ERP Modernization is a comprehensive, risk-mitigated solution that helps you build a future-proof intelligent core. It enables a robust cloud strategy ensuring quality results at every step.


A holistic approach to S/4HANA transformation

Our intelligent enterprise platform enables tangible business outcomes at every stage of your transformation journey. Enrich your SAP S/4HANA investment, bringing faster time to market and superior business value with cloud-enabled industry best practices and KPIs and intelligent application automation.

  • Industry best practices to deploy S/4HANA use cases efficiently
  • Cloud-enabled processes to fast-track cloud adoption and strategy
  • Intelligent applications powered by open source to enable innovation
  • Seamless integration with other apps to provide end-to-end business processing
  • Industry-specific KPIs and insights to enable data-driven decision making
  • Built-in process automation to improve productivity, eliminate redundancy

A value-driven framework

Organizations today must take the next big leap to transform their business into a future-ready enterprise. Cognizant’s Learn Enable Accelerate Perform framework helps clients adopt a value-driven approach by addressing the complete business transformation lifecycle. We bring together the building blocks of RISE with SAP and our proprietary tools and frameworks for faster delivery.

Proof points for your S/4HANA investments

Cognizant’s S/4HANA Advisory Services address a wide range of client requirements aligned to their business goals, from gaining a 360-degree view of current systems to prioritizing the best S/4HANA roadmap components. Working with customers, we identify opportunities for transformation as well as business process innovation/re-engineering using our proprietary S/4HANA consulting framework. We also provide value discovery and proof of concept services as part of the Cognizant Intelligent Enterprise Platform.

Our business transformation as a service program helps clients during the value discovery and assessment phase to benchmark against Industry standards and mine and automate processes to align with S/4HANA best practices  

With Cognizant Advisory Services, your S/4HANA investments are tailored specifically for you and backed by proof points that define a clear path ahead.

Accelerate your time to market

Cognizant accelerates your S/4HANA greenfield implementations and speeds deployment with proprietary, ready-to-run industry solutions. Our built-in industry KPIs enables clients to reduce implementation time by 30%. Cognizant offers multiple industry best practices based preconfigured solutions for S/4HANA for following industries: 

  • Life Sciences
  • Discrete manufacturing
  • Utilities
  • Chemical manufacturing
  • Consumer-packaged goods
  • Medical devices manufacturing
  • Transportation 

Our implementation services offerings include:

  • Business process-driven SAP S/4HANA implementation and re-engineering
  • SAP S/4HANA global template design and rollout
  • S/4HANA development factory-driven approach using RICEFW-based objects for standardization and seamless handover to support teams
  • SAP S/4HANA extensions on SAP Cloud Platform (SCP)
  • SAP S/4HANA Master Data Governance (SAP MDG)

Automate your migration processes

Cognizant SmartMove, our SAP qualified S/4HANA Conversion Factory delivers a comprehensive, risk-mitigated solution to transform your current SAP landscape into a scalable, intelligent enterprise-ready environment.

Cognizant helps enterprises migrate their legacy SAP ECC to SAP S/4HANA by leveraging standardized processes powered by robotic process automation (RPA), tools and accelerators and quality gates.

Working together with SNP, our SmartMove solution offers extends capabilities to include Bluefield™ Conversion—a hybrid approach to migration offering the best of greenfield and brownfield versions. The hybrid conversion approach from SNP results in simpler, faster and nearly risk-free S/4HANA transitions.

Accelerate ROI, minimize downtime

Hosting SAP solutions in the cloud can present challenges—from building a business case and defining the roadmap to choosing the best solution and migrating instances to integrate with your existing IT landscape. 

As a certified SAP Global Solutions Integrator, Cognizant offers you the partnership, experience, frameworks, tools and accelerators to overcome these challenges and get the most from your SAP investments.

Get the most from your SAP landscape

Our IP-based methodologies enable businesses to extract the most from their SAP ecosystem through key offerings:

SAP-certified Cognizant Automation Center with artificial intelligence for operations (AIOps) platform enables people and machines to learn from and facilitate transition to the ZeroOps operating model. Machine learning enables you to contextualize insights to act faster and prepare for future automation, optimization and enhancements. 

Cognizant’s proprietary agile and DevOps solution helps teams to work seamlessly on Agile sprints and DevOps Continuous Integration (CI) projects. With our proprietary Agile and DevOps solution, we’ve integrated Jira and SAP Solution Manager for seamless agile delivery.. Users report more than 35% improved time to market for new software releases, 45% faster delivery of new features, 45% improved stability of environment and 33% improved product resilience. 

Predictive intelligent dashboard provides a real-time view of all business processes and their associated business KPIs, each mapped to their IT layers covering application, database, storage, network and more.

Be the agent for change

Cognizant’s dedicated organizational change management (OCM) solution incorporates eight workstreams to address the following key transformational challenges:

  • Change strategy
  • Impact and readiness assessment
  • Stakeholder engagement and leadership alignment
  • Communications
  • Learning and development
  • Organizational design
  • Culture 
  • Benefit realization

In addition, we offer our proprietary Implementation methodology based on SAP Activate, which integrates SAP’s standard templates, accelerators and proprietary extensions. Our framework is further enriched with a dedicated OCM framework developed in collaboration with a team of over 300 Cognizant experts. It has been used successfully in engagements where Cognizant not only has implemented SAP S/4HANA, but also led entire OCM and program management activities.

Our partners

We establish partnerships and alliances with industry-leading organizations to deliver comprehensive solutions to our clients. Our key partners are:

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