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Case study

The challenge

A leading technology-based lab instruments solution provider had previously rolled out a CRM system for its service organization. That system brought many advantages but also challenges to field service engineers (FSEs), who had logged in to the CRM to view and manage their service orders. This meant the FSEs had to boot up their PCs, log in to the VPN and then log in to the SAP CRM—a process that could take up to 20 minutes. These delays happened as the FSEs worked with customers, who had to stand by for their service confirmations. To cut customer wait times, FSEs would wait to close out service orders until the end of the workday. The lab instruments solution provider engaged Cognizant to design a new field service app to help FSEs manage their entire CRM workflow without opening their PCs.

Our approach

Together with the client’s IT Mobility group and a group of its FSEs, Cognizant designed a field service app that enables engineers to spend more time working directly with customers. We began the project by mapping a day in the life of an FSE. We captured their design ideas, designed a prototype and then proposed an app that would address key FSE pain points. We worked with a set of FSE pilot users to refine the app into a tool, addressing all objectives and making the process run smoother. As an ongoing effort, the team continues to look for ways to improve the app, which positively impacts the lives and productivity of FSEs.

Designed by FSEs, for FSEs

The new app increases efficiency for FSEs, who can manage their entire CRM workflow without ever opening their PCs. They can manage service orders, check parts tracking information, order parts, capture digital signatures and create and email service confirmations from a mobile phone while on the road or at a customer site. Customers interact with the app, too, to sign service confirmations, which helps to position and promote our client as technologically innovative. When the project first launched, 40,000 sessions happened per month. Today, up to 110,000 sessions happen each month. The lab instruments solution provider also saves 10 minutes per session, or half the time. The result is 1 million minutes saved per month worldwide, or $2 million in savings per year.


of service calls are now closed in the app


reduction in service request closure time


access to service order and lab instrument part status information