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Case study

The challenge

A pharmaceuticals provider faced rising costs and delays due to manual, spreadsheet-based processes for getting account data to sales reps so they could plan daily sales calls. Reps struggled with incomplete, conflicting and hard to use information. Plus, the company lacked a single, integrated source of marketing and financial data to improve its decision-making. It turned to Cognizant for help.

Our approach

Leveraging our Cognizant BigDecisions AI platform, we expedited the aggregation of data from 20 internal and external sources, as well as and its preparation for use. Prebuilt analytics and our industry-aligned data model reduced the time required to deploy this platform by one third. Our change management capabilities ensured rapid adoption, high user satisfaction and the timely retirement of older platforms.

Helping pharmaceutical sales reps sell more while reducing data costs

Sales reps now receive customized daily reports tailored to their locations, with real-time status for each account. These reports recommend which decision-makers to see, and which products and promotions to discuss, at each account. They also warn reps of danger signs, such as stagnating sales of one product within an otherwise well-performing customer portfolio. For the first time, the provider has a “single source of truth” for all its financial and marketing data. All these new insights help sales reps maximize the company’s revenue and profits, while reducing the cost of data aggregation and analysis.


annual savings in the cost of gathering and distributing account data to sales reps


reduction in the time required to produce reports for the sales force


reduction in implementation time through use of our pre-built analytics and industry-aligned data model