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Reducing our impact on the planet

Our stakeholders want to know how we are reducing our own environmental footprint—and how we can help others do the same.
As a company with a strong sense of social purpose focused on enhancing our reputation, we’re reducing our own environmental impact by setting out on a path to reduce our emissions, increase our energy efficiency and further define and develop climate action. Learn more about our Sustainability Services.
How we respond to climate change is important to many of our associates, investors and clients. As we plan our climate action, we are taking into account our many stakeholders’ expectations and using our business model and purpose to guide our response.

Impact where it matters most

At Cognizant, we’re reducing our own environmental impact where it matters most:

As the importance of addressing greenhouse gas emissions grows, we’re increasingly reporting emissions and our efforts to reduce them, including developing how we monitor and report our greenhouse gas emissions.

We’re setting public, time‑bound GHG reduction goals and working on establishing a "net zero" goal by—among other methods—purchasing renewable energy and reducing absolute greenhouse gas in our operations.

With locations around the world—including in water‑stressed regions—we work to consume water responsibly. We source water consciously and implement effective solutions to reduce office water consumption.

For more information, including our greenhouse gas emissions, see our 2021 ESG Report.