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September 08, 2023

How gen AI will change business as we know it

Our new report provides insight into how generative AI will orchestrate tasks, spur new ideas, sharpen decision making and unify the workplace with a common entry point to how we work.

Amid the buzz of opinions surrounding generative AI, one truth resonates: The business world is bracing for a seismic shift.

But despite gen AI’s show-stealing entrance, followed by fast-evolving models and rapid development of supporting tools and systems, the technology’s evolution within enterprises won't happen in a simple straight line. Instead, picture an interplay of steady but interconnected advancements, all intertwining to form the future of business.

We believe this game-changing technology will steer businesses toward familiar goals, such as greater efficiency and productivity. But it will also move enterprises in less tried-and-true directions as well—toward greater innovation, sharper decision making and, perhaps most importantly, greater unification across the business.

In our new report, we’ve put our thoughts together on what the next months and years of generative AI will look like. Key takeaways include:

  • The power of generative AI will go beyond automation, to orchestration. Businesses are already using gen AI to automate single tasks, like writing FAQs and lines of code. But over time, this technology will change how we work by acting behind the scenes to pull together processes, systems and pools of knowledge, and will provide a unified access point for customers and employees alike.

  • It will drive new levels of innovation. Generative AI introduces a flexibility that hasn’t been seen before, as it’s not dependent on strict system requirements and can handle unstructured data. In this environment, productivity gains will flow from innovation, not just by doing the same things faster.

  • Businesses will use it to differentiate themselves through smart decision-making. Once an organization incorporates gen AI into its business systems and establishes a unified back end for data access, it will significantly speed up and sharpen strategic decision-making processes.

  • Age-old business siloes will fade away. Generative AI agents will connect many of the tasks done by business functions like marketing, legal, procurement, operations, R&D and sales. To take advantage of this unification, businesses will need to reconsider whether traditional, siloed configurations still work.

  • Businesses will need to reduce their exposure to gen AI risk. Understanding the technology’s potential issues is key to successfully navigating this new frontier.

The aim of our report is to help leaders understand the scale of what’s unfolding and begin deploying generative AI safely today. To that end, we’ve also included five tips for deployment success. After all, the potential gains for leading the way in generative AI’s adoption are as limitless as the possibilities of the technology itself.

For a deeper look at our insights into generative AI, see our report, “Gen AI and the future of work: what businesses need to know.”

Cognizant Insights Team

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