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Data hygiene

What is data hygiene?

Data hygiene refers to the process of ensuring the “cleanliness” of data in a database by checking records for accuracy and removing errors. These errors can range from misspellings and improper punctuation to duplicate records, outdated/incomplete data and improper parsing of record fields from different systems.

What are the business benefits of data hygiene?

Among the multiple benefits of maintaining a clean database are:

  • Improved decision-making. “Cleansing” data for accuracy and quality helps yield accurate analytics that contribute to better, more informed, more confident business decisions.
  • Better customer experience.  A clean database helps ensure that the right message goes to the right audience at the right time, which can optimize revenue and improve brand perception.
  • Increased productivity. Clean data removes perishable information, providing data users with accurate information to operate and form a better understanding of business users and clients.
  • Brand protection. By avoiding communication to irrelevant recipients, good data hygiene can help maintain the integrity of a brand and its reputation.
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