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Customer experience journey

What is a customer experience journey?

The customer experience (CX) journey refers to the complete sum of interactions that a customer has with a company, end to end—from brand discovery to purchase and post-purchase.

What are the business benefits of an effective CX journey?

A company that successfully maps out the journey that its customers take can realize multiple business benefits, including:

  • Understanding. An effective CX journey map helps business leaders walk in their customers’ shoes and find ways to improve, and even customize, each customer’s experience with the company.
  • Efficiency. A thoughtfully planned CX journey can pinpoint process inefficiencies and redundancies that, if remedied, can reduce the cost of customer service and other operational areas.
  • Brand loyalty. CX journey mapping can create a positive customer experience with a company—engendering loyalty and incentivizing customers to keep coming back to the brand.
  • ROMI. A successful CX journey can dramatically accelerate sales cycles, increase cross-sell/upsell revenue, create revenue streams from customer referrals and boost return on marketing investment (ROMI).
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