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Applied artificial intelligence

What is applied AI?

Applied AI is the branch of artificial intelligence that brings it out of the lab and into the real world, enabling computers and computer-controlled robots to execute real tasks. Applied AI enhances software applications and puts advanced machine learning to use, providing high levels of accuracy and adaptation over time. Applied AI is contextualizing business models and industry processes, as well as improving the way we interact with everything around us.

What are the business benefits of applied AI?

From boosts in availability and accuracy to cost savings and accurate decision-making, applied AI puts businesses of all kinds at an advantage in an ever-evolving technological landscape. 

Here are some applied AI business benefits:

  1. Rapid decision-making: Applied AI enables “human-like” judgment to reduce errors and predict outcomes, achieving end-to-end process automation and enhancing smart device ecosystems. 
  2. Computer capability with a human touch: Applied AI bridges the gap between digital and physical worlds while striving to limit the impact of model error, social ethics and human bias in the process. 
  3. Efficiency: Applied AI improves efficiency and throughput, saving time and money. 
  4. Automation: Applied AI frees up employees from manual processes by increasing automation. 
  5. Increased revenue: Applied AI increases profitability by identifying and helping solve complex business issues through its machine learning and adaptive capabilities.
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