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Case study

The challenge 

Virtual services are only as reliable as the infrastructure on which they’re served, and that gives TELUS Health a big advantage: As a division of TELUS, the Canadian global healthcare company runs its business—and its commitment to social change—on a global-leading network. 

TELUS Health sought to pioneer an end-to-end approach to virtual healthcare in Canada. To achieve its goal, the company needed a partner for a virtual pharmacy market assessment and strategy, as well as product roadmap and mobile app development. It also sought to work with a company that could help it make the most of its technology infrastructure and far-reaching network. 

Our approach

TELUS Health chose Cognizant for our ability to help expedite the launch and make the company’s vision a reality. The first three months of our team’s work focused on market strategy. The upfront work articulated the stark differences in its value propositions for consumers and employers: Consumers are less price sensitive, so they lean into convenience; employers are cost driven. To further strengthen the new service’s value propositions, Cognizant performed a comprehensive assessment of pharmacy players across the industry, including identification and benchmarking of best-in-class capabilities. 

Next, our team helped develop the product roadmap for the platform and mobile app that form the heart of Virtual Pharmacy, as the service is known today. The roadmap served as the guidepost for the project’s seven-month design and development phase. We took a long-term view of the product strategy, defining business milestones and mapping out the product’s ties to TELUS Health’s overall strategy for growth. 

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TELUS Health creates a healthier future 

The Virtual Pharmacy app and online pharmacy features an array of services—from home delivery of prescription medications to unlimited video and phone consultations with local licensed pharmacists—that are helping empower Canadians to live healthy lives. 

TELUS Health has continued to innovate with differentiators such as the app’s Family Medication Manager, which allows families to order and track their members’ prescriptions, and its MedPack service, which provides compliance packaging, sorted by date and time, for patients who take multiple medications. 


of patients reported a positive experience for their virtual consult


of app users reported ordering was easy and quick


of app users would recommend the product