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Case study

The challenge

Global businesses increasingly find themselves investing heavily in data center infrastructure to keep track of sprawling IT operations. This was the case with Britvic, a British manufacturer of marquee soft drink brands. It needed to manage its data center footprint while reducing operational costs, achieving the agility to provision SAP systems on demand and lowering capital investment. 

However, with a complex IT history built up over many years, the company also wanted to upgrade its SAP applications, migrate them to a hybrid cloud model with Amazon Web Services (AWS) and implement a robust disaster recovery system—all while minimizing disruption to the business. The company turned to Cognizant for help.

Our approach

As a first step, we applied our cloud assessment and transformation framework for a combined upgrade and migration to AWS cloud. In addition to an efficient solution for migrating on-premises SAP systems to AWS cloud, we provided a defined methodology, toolkits and training. Working with Britvic, we developed scripts to guide the automatic shutdown and startup of its SAP systems. We transferred development and system integration testing environments from an on-premises data center to the AWS cloud in Europe. We helped build on-site user acceptance testing and production systems using Microsoft Cluster Server (Windows Server) failover clustering. We also helped build a standalone disaster recovery server that runs through an SQL failover cluster to ensure continued availability through two levels of reinforcement.

Our team worked with Britvic to establish trust and a close client relationship by clearly communicating mutual expectations and developing a robust strategy to meet the defined objectives. We demonstrated our thought leadership in design and cloud migration by sharing our experiences on similar successful projects. This approach reinforced our reputation as a trusted and experienced advisor.

Securing business digitally, with minimal disruption

We ensured that Britvic’s SAP applications were upgraded to a stable, secure and highly available environment through a hybrid cloud while maintaining robust disaster recovery capabilities. We completed the project with minimal disruption to the business. Using cloud hosting for SAP applications reduced Britvic’s IT operational costs. The pay-as-you-use model in AWS also reduced the company’s capital expenditure.


IT operational costs using cloud hosting for SAP applications


stability and agility by provisioning SAP project systems on demand


capital expenditure with a pay-as-you-use model in AWS