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Case study

The challenge

An American manufacturer and marketer of paper and packaging products wanted to cut costs, boost service quality and instill better functional synergies across operations. It also wanted to book a net savings on its total yearly spend by consolidating three towers under one vendor to give the company back more time and resources. The need for the new changes became evident as the company experienced noncompliance in inventory management and enterprise procedures Because users were spending more time on inbound receiving and put-away. Another factor that increased the urgency of the project was the increase in demand for carton boxes with the rise in retail consumer orders. The new vendor would oversee the Blue Yonder warehouse management and Oracle Transportation Management (OTM) systems. The manufacturer selected Cognizant for the transformation because of our synergy with Blue Yonder and our demonstrated ability to focus on service quality improvement and customer success.

Our approach

Cognizant identified current issues, market trends and factors impacting the business, and set out to improve compliance with inbound and outbound activities in the warehouses and enterprise procedures. Our team established processes to provide better insight into warehouse management and inventory management and delivered a scalable platform that works with the manufacturer’s supply chain. Also, we coordinated with the client’s middleware team to consolidate the multiple enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems that were acquired through numerous mergers and acquisitions over the years. In addition, the team assessed and updated older applications that were vulnerable to security risks. Cognizant provided technical support on all the interfaces—including over weekends and extended hours—and made enhancements to remedy business gaps in warehouse management. Cleaner data environments improved efficiencies and operations management.

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Warehouse management enables improvements and innovation

The new solution, powered by the Blue Yonder warehouse management system, serves 270+ users across six US-based warehouses. The new implementation supports comprehensive governance with oversight and enables a predictable cost structure in an optimized maturity model. A culture of continuous improvement is in place via monthly connects with the client’s leadership to review team performance, incident resolution trends and SLAs/KPIs, and to report deliverables. As a result, the mechanisms that proactively monitor and report integration issues offer early detection and quick fixes to ensure minimal downtime.  And a ticket management process within Service Now provides better reporting and transparency.


platform users provided with support and maintenance


reduction in incidents via SOPs, automation, and proactive alerts


SLA adherence


support coverage