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Case study

The challenge

Our client, a global manufacturing company, encountered issues across SKU management processes in its transportation and electronics business group, resulting in inefficiencies and inconsistent data. Setup workflows took two to twelve weeks, resulting in a loss of competitive advantage, and automated premature SKU deactivation jeopardized sales. The material setup process made no distinction between new and similar materials, costing time, and a lack of consolidated data repositories complicated data tracking. On top of these issues, limited data insights hindered effective decision making.

Our approach

Cognizant was chosen due to our extensive experience in SAP data and analytics as well as a lengthy history with the client on data consolidation and migration projects. To achieve efficiency and maintain competitiveness, our client required a new strategy for material extension and management procedures. Cognizant developed an automated SKU setup procedure and a product portfolio decision-making tool to guarantee expedited material production and extension, and smooth inventory management. The system also leverages an intuitive user interface and offers flexibility in implementing business rules locally, regionally or worldwide under different material groups.

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Automated SKU processes with data insights

The client now has a streamlined, standardized procedure that takes one to two days to load precise SKU data automatically into local and SAP systems via SAP Data Services. A consolidated data repository enables efficient SKU management using data validation and cleansing operations. A Microsoft SharePoint-based website gathers business relevancy rules and decisions from the customer on materials. Easy-to-use dashboards through Microsoft Power BI deliver deeper data insights.


in additional sales in one year


reduction of manual process


faster process with 5X data quality