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Streamline processes, boost agility, analyze impact

Unleash the power of data at every stage of your business journey with Cognizant’s leading-edge SAP data and analytics solutions.
You can unlock deeper, valuable insights, accelerate your data-driven decision-making and drive cost savings for your enterprise with our expertise in:
  • SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC)
  • SAP Datasphere
  • SAP Master Data Governance
  • SAP Business Technology Platform (BTP)
  • Enterprise Data Governance and Management for SAP
  • And more...
Modernized data platform for a global pharma leader
Modernized data platform for a global pharma leader

We modernized our client’s data platform to SAP BW/4HANA, streamlined core models and upgraded apps and reports while addressing high-security group financial platform needs.

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Data migration for a global medical devices company
Data migration for a global medical devices company

Our in-house tools and accelerators supported our client’s SAP S/4HANA rollouts, providing end-to-end frameworks, product partners and on-time project completion.

medical devices
Enhanced finance processes for a leading automobile company
Enhanced finance processes for a leading automobile company

We provided a holistic digital budget management platform and boosted funding requests handling, expense reconciliation and budget tracking; SAP SAC enhanced planning and collaboration.

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Revamped financial planning and controlling
Revamped financial planning and controlling

We helped a top German pharma client with capex planning and forecasting solution in SAC. Advanced features improved workflows for successful submissions and approvals.

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Improved vehicle tracking and monitoring
Improved vehicle tracking and monitoring

We helped our client improve health analysis for 100K+ global vehicles by integrating near-real-time data and creating global-to-asset-level visualizations using SAP BTP.

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Data and analytics—a holistic view

We offer a holistic approach to SAP-based data and analytics, enabling you to explore valuable insights, improve data-driven decision-making and reduce overall cost through services including embedded analytics; Master Data Management (MDM); governance and privacy; enterprise information management (EIM); cloud-based analytics; and SAP data fabric.

Unlock your data’s true potential with embedded analytics

In today’s data-driven business landscape, having the ability to analyze and derive actionable insights is crucial for success. With our delivery accelerators and in-house industry solutions built atop SAP data and analytics, we empower our clients with a range of significant advantages.

Seamlessly analyze vast volumes of data, effortlessly make informed decisions and elevate productivity, all while experiencing unparalleled advancements with smarter decision-making capabilities. Harness the transformative capabilities of embedded analytics to unlock the true potential of your data.

SAP Master Data Governance & Privacy

Data governance and privacy are critical for businesses to ensure regulatory compliance, protect sensitive data and lower the risk and reputational, legal and financial costs of increasingly prevalent data breaches.

Leverage the unmatched expertise of our dynamic team of 1000+ seasoned SAP data and analytics pros. With a profound understanding of data management and governance, we excel at shaping comprehensive policies, procedures and standards that drive flawless data management, ensure impeccable data quality and exert meticulous control over data access. Our proficient team also offers unmatched support in data acquisition, data analysis, data curation, data storage and data utilization.

Activate operational excellence with EPM

Ignite the true potential of your business with enterprise performance management (EPM), a key solution that drives operational excellence. Our robust EPM community empowers our clients with unparalleled support in crucial management processes such as financial planning, budgeting, forecasting, value creation modeling, results consolidation and performance analysis.

Harness the power of a closed-loop model that provides invaluable operational insights, enabling you to make strategic decisions and drive optimal business performance.

Trailblazing visualization: SAP Analytics Cloud & SAP BTP Cloud Analytics

Gain unparalleled freedom and scalability for your business with our SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC) capabilities. Seamlessly integrate data sources, including the SAP HANA suite, into a unified model and evaluate performance, uncover trends and monitor KPIs. Extract profound insights from vast databases with advanced predictive analytics capabilities. Develop exceptional applications with our SAC solutions specialists. And drive precise and smarter decision-making with ML and AI.

Cognizant combines cloud visualization with usability and graphic design to enhance your experience and ensure optimal application adoption. Our expertise in SAP BTP extends to complete cloud visualization and business transformation solutions.

Transform your data management with SAP Datasphere & visualization

Empower your data with data fabric solutions that seamlessly connect and automatically manage your data between systems and applications in real time. With SAP Datasphere solution and Cognizant SAP Data Fabric, you can create a single source of truth and access that data whenever and wherever you need it.

Our dynamic SAP Data Fabric community, an integral part of SAP data and analytics, simplifies data integration, especially in complex distributed architectures, making it ready for use in analytics, AI and ML applications.

Leverage our SAP Data Fabric consultancy and solutions to scale your businesses’ systems in rapidly changing markets—and activate new possibilities for your business.


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