Case study

The challenge

Our client wanted better returns on its investments and visibility into the results of its digital ad campaigns to support a manufacturing customer. That customer needed to ensure it was receiving optimal returns on its investments in those digital campaigns. But the manufacturer and its agency partners struggled to gain visibility into whether the campaigns reached the right buyers. The manufacturer also wanted the ability to launch campaigns faster, reach unique online segments and increase engagement, improve click through rates and reduce cost per acquisition (CPA). Cognizant was brought in to support the manufacturer by analyzing and optimizing an existing campaign to improve campaign effectiveness and reduce costs.

Our approach

Our Marketing Operations team worked on the manufacturer’s campaign to understand the customer’s goals for overall ad spend, reviewing all campaign components and identifying performance gaps. We added new target segments and testing creatives, as well as acquiring third-party data to enhance reach. 

During the optimization process, we refined targeting so the manufacturer would reach the most relevant audience. Our team constantly monitored and leveraged data from reports to create better visibility into viewability metrics to help fine-tune ad placement and costs. We also optimized bids for the manufacturer, shifting its budget toward top-performing tactics and sites across geographic regions. 

After analyzing the initial results of the campaign, we incorporated additional relevant audiences to the mix. Enabling safety parameters and filters and proactively monitoring results helped safeguard the manufacturer’s brand throughout the campaign.

Better visibility into campaign metrics boosts campaign ROI

Cognizant optimized an existing campaign using our deep understanding of platform variables and analytics to improve campaign effectiveness while reducing costs. By aligning budget with the best sites and most relevant audiences, we enabled the manufacturer to successfully optimize both results and ROI.


reduction in CPA in three weeks


increase in user acquisition in two weeks


increase in ad investment against effective targets