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Case study

The challenge

To improve transparency and create efficiencies, a global pharmaceuticals giant needed to consolidate management of its multiple security programs under one provider. For years, the company used multiple vendors, with multiple tools, to manage its various security platforms worldwide. Now, it wanted to consolidate security management under a single point of contact.

Our approach

The company engaged Cognizant for data and systems protection (DSP) and governance, risk and compliance (GRC) programs across North America, Singapore and the Czech Republic. We deployed five new security services: tiered authentication, privileged identification and access management (IAM), Oracle Identity Manager, PING and federated identity management. This process included delivering more than 80 projects, completing nine major upgrades and retiring or decommissioning three services.

Cognizant’s core team has remained constant, with other flexible resources available to accelerate product delivery. This “core and flex” approach has transformed the pharma’s operating strategy, creating significant efficiencies and a unique “service-as-a-project” delivery model. In addition, Cognizant provides strategic advisory services that improve security resilience by identifying key risks and defining a roadmap for cloud security and other modernization initiatives.

An end-to-end single point of contact

Cognizant’s end-to-end support gives the pharma a single point of contact, as well as improved scalability and visibility across its security programs. It also helps the company minimize the complexities of operating on a global scale, which helps reduce maintenance costs.


lower costs for IAM core services


cost savings through innovation


reduction in core development costs