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Sense change before it happens—and act at superhuman speed

In 2021, COVID-19 continued to put lives and livelihoods at risk while challenging businesses with hard-to-predict changes and ceaseless uncertainty.
For organizations to remain relevant now and into the future, we believe an intuition-like capacity is more than desirable, it’s necessary. But how do you infuse an organic human quality throughout a global enterprise?
Thanks to recent gains in technology, companies can balance human empathy and creativity with the extraordinary speed of machines, thereby extending the capabilities of both. Some say fortune favors the bold. But to stay relevant, we believe the bold must anticipate change and continuously adapt to it.

However the world turns, modern businesses will turn with it.

Enabling the Aston Martin team to anticipate and act, instantaneously

In a sport where milliseconds matter, a place on the podium often rests on data—and the speed with which a team can respond. In a year of change for Aston Martin, we’re bringing the technology expertise necessary to create a world-class AMF1 team that’s data-driven and designed to come out ahead. Through our work with AMF1, we aim to expand global fan base engagement, implement new FIA Cost Cap measures and fulfill the team’s vision to be world champions. In this initial year of our partnership, we immersed ourselves in Aston Martin F1’s way of working, which enabled us to recommend initiatives to advance its mission.

Formula one Aston Martin car at full speed with Cognizant branding on it
Creating a culture of innovation that keeps KeyBank ahead of client needs

As a regional bank with a dedicated focus on the changing needs of its customers, KeyBank sees itself as a modern, technology-driven organization with an innovator’s appetite for digital. As such, the firm has accelerated its shift to an open banking culture and prioritized automation to deliver new and even more relevant capabilities to clients, through and beyond the pandemic. As KeyBank’s primary digital partner, we delivered open banking APIs that drive speed, agility, security and efficiency for internal digital initiatives as well as in those with KeyBank’s external fintech partners. Through our automation efforts, KeyBank is now able to streamline processes and respond faster to client requests, helping the business operate with the speed and insight of intuition.

Skyscraper picture taken from a low angle with Sun on top of the building

Intuition at scale has the power to improve everyday life. And we can engineer it.

2021 performance and acquisitions

During 2021, we meaningfully enhanced our digital portfolio, strengthened our international presence, advanced our brand and continued to invest in our talent while helping our clients be successful.



11.1% growth Y/Y (as reported)
10.0% growth (constant currency)*













*Constant currency revenue growth, adjusted operating margin and free cash flow are not measurements of financial performance prepared in accordance with GAAP. See “Non-GAAP Financial Measures” in our 10-K, pages 30-32, for more information and a reconciliation to the most directly comparable GAAP financial measure, as applicable.