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Work that we don't fully understand yet…that is weird, strange, unsettling, trivial and extremely stretching…that is not fit for our parents and will seem ridiculous to our kids.



All around us a new world is being created.

Work is the foundation of modern society; everything else that we value, treasure, dream of, take for granted, worry about is based on work. Without work things fall apart. Look around and you see that work is changing radically and rapidly in all corners of the globe. Case in point is the recently implemented GDPR regulation. 

Privacy in the Age of the Algorithm

With every click we make online, our interests, preferences and intent are revealed and the potential for dystopian nightmare grows. This report shows how business leaders, futurists and policymakers can deliver superior, more ethical results by destroying the “dark side” of data privacy in the digital age.


Regulations and developing technologies are forcing mature industries to undergo, at best, existential shocks, at worst, complete tail spins. Work increasingly requires different skill sets, attitudes and expectations.  

To examine how work is changing, Cognizant has established the Center for the Future of Work to provide original research and analysis of work trends. The team collaborates with a wide range of business and technology thinkers and academics about what the future will look as technology changes so many aspects of our working lives.



The Problem with Cyber Security? Leadership

According to a recent study by the Ponemon Institute, the average cost of a successful cyberattack is over $5 million, or $301...

AI Gets to Work

Most of us interact with Artificial Intelligence (AI) on a daily basis. Despite what the movies might have told us, this doesn’t...

Fight the Zombie Organization...Before its too late

It’s all too easy to underestimate institutional inertia. Cultures that have grown up over decades can be large, unwieldy...


Jobs of the Future. AI and automation are changing work. We propose 21 new jobs in the next 10 years—cornerstones of the future of work.



APRIL 27, 2018
Senior IT Execs Admit to more Cyber Threats than they Can Control

Surveying over 1,000 senior IT executives, from 18 countries, only 9% said they have made cyber-security a board-level priority. Boardrooms are over-looking cybersecurity, with 60% claiming to have inadequate resources.

APRIL 23, 2018
A Lesson From English Rugby: Relearning Leadership for the Digital Age

Leadership and strong management shape a company’s destiny. It’s needed now more than ever because the shift into digital — new technologies, new tools and new ways of working — call for a fresh approach to leadership that ensures firms navigate through the disruption.

APRIL 20, 2018
An RX for Poverty? A Career in Nursing

The share of Americans aged 65 and older is on track to double by 2060. As the population grays, nurses are poised to become, in the words of the economist Paul Krugman, “the prototypical worker of the 21st century.”

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