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State Licensing
Cognizant Mortgage Services Corporation
Current Licenses as of April 1, 2024
NMLS # 1687735 Consumer Access - Company (

Cognizant Mortgage Services Corporation (CMSC) provides end-to-end and component based mortgage solutions to deliver differentiated outcomes to the mortgage industry. CMSC is a verified financial service provider by Nationwide Mortgage Licensing System and Registry. CMSC complies with the Secure and Fair Enforcement for Mortgage Licensing Act (S.A.F.E. Act) and other Federal regulations.

License NameLicense Number
AK Mortgage Broker/Lender LicenseAK1687735
AL Consumer Credit License22532
AR Collection Agency License5737
AR Combination of Mortgage Broker, Mortgage Banker and/or Mortgage Servicer Licenses115612
AZ Collection Agency License950907
AZ Mortgage Broker License1004426

CA - DBO Residential Mortgage Lending Act License
Licensed by the Department of Financial Protection and Innovation under the California Residential Mortgage Lending Act

CA - DFPI Debt Collection License 10947-99 
CO Mortgage Company Registration -
CT Consumer Collection Agency LicenseCCA-1687735
CT Exempt Company RegistrationER-1687735
CT Mortgage Servicer LicenseMS-1687735
DC Mortgage Dual Authority LicenseMLB1687735
DE Broker License25824
FL Consumer Collection AgencyCCA9904748
FL Mortgage Lender Servicer LicenseMLD1746
GA Mortgage Lender License/Registration60340
HI Collection Agency LicenseCOLA-756
HI Mortgage Loan Originator Company LicenseHI-1687735
HI Mortgage Servicer LicenseMS228
IA Debt Collector Notification -
IA Mortgage Banker License2019-0031
ID Collection Agency LicenseCCA-10422
ID Mortgage Broker/Lender LicenseMBL-2081687735
ID Regulated Lender LicenseRRL-10494
IL Residential Mortgage LicenseMB.6761404
IN Collection Agency License1687735
IN Mortgage Lending License51379
KS Mortgage Company LicenseMC.0025561
KY Mortgage Company LicenseMC700172
LA Residential Mortgage Lending License -
LA Collection Agency Registration -
MA Debt Collector LicenseDC1687735
MA Exempt Company RegistrationER1687735
MD Mortgage Lender License06-23716
ME Debt Collector LicenseDCL15130
ME Servicer LicenseSVR15062
ME Supervised Lender License1687735
MI 1st Mortgage Broker, Lender, and Servicer LicenseFL0022113
MI 2nd Mortgage Broker, Lender, and Servicer LicenseSR0022112
MN Collection Agency License40682785
MN Residential Mortgage Originator LicenseMN-MO-1687735
MO Company License19-2392-S
MS Mortgage Lender License1687735
MT Mortgage Broker License1687735
MT Mortgage Servicer License1687735
NC Mortgage Origination Support RegistrationR-186538
NC Mortgage Servicer LicenseS-186539
NC Collection Agency License119507857
ND Collection Agency LicenseCA103676
North Dakota Exempt Company Registration
NE Mortgage Banker License -
NE Collection Agency License1689
NH Mortgage Servicer License22315-MS
NH Mortgage Broker License22272-MBR
NJ Collection Agency Bond16859
NJ Residential Mortgage Broker License -
NJ RMLA-Licensed Mortgage Servicer Registration -
NM Mortgage Loan Company License -
NM Collection Agency License2719
NV Mortgage Servicer License4936
NV Exempt Company Registration5329
NY Buffalo Collection Agency LicenseCAG19-10050940
NYC Collection Agency License2093082-DCA
OH Residential Mortgage Lending Act (RMLA) Certificate of RegistrationRM.804373.000
OH Third Party Processing and/or Underwriting Company ExemptionTP.670033.000
OK Mortgage Broker LicenseMB012081
OK Mortgage Lender LicenseML012972
OR Collection Agency Registration50287
OR Mortgage Lender LicenseML-5664
OR Mortgage Servicer LicenseMS-138
PA Mortgage Broker License73017
PA Mortgage Servicer License81033
RI Debt Collector Registration20193851DC
RI Loan Broker License20193763LB
RI Third Party Loan Servicer License20193764LS
SC Mortgage Lender Servicer LicenseMLS - 1687735
SD Mortgage Lender LicenseML.05229
TN Mortgage License177483
TX Collection Bond -
TX Mortgage Company License -
TX SML Residential Mortgage Loan Servicer Registration -
UT Residential First Mortgage Notification -
VA Broker LicenseMC-6824
VT Loan Servicer License1687735-1
VT Mortgage Broker License1513 MB
WA Business License Collection Agency604 184 415
WA Consumer Loan Company LicenseCL-1687735
WI Mortgage Banker License1687735BA
WV Debt Collection License2366-5727
WV Mortgage Broker LicenseMB-36267
WV Mortgage Lender LicenseML-36186
WY Collection Agency Exemption -
WY Mortgage Lender/Broker License3325

CMSC Offices

Primary Office

8383 Dominion Pkwy
Suite 276W
Plano, TX 75024
Email Address –
Contact # 214-459-6929
Toll Free # 888-839-0491

Arizona Branch Office – NMLS # 2109723

1130 North Alma School Road
Suite 200, Room 274
Mesa, Arizona 85201
Email Address –
Contact # 214-459-6929
Toll Free # 888-839-0491

Navi Mumbai, Maharastra, India Branch Office – NMLS # 2117558

Mindspace SEZ, Thane-Belapur Road
Building No 9, 5th Floor, Unit 501
Navi Mumbai, Maharastra, India 400708
Email Address –
Contact # +91 70212 84771
Toll Free # 888-839-0491

Hyderabad, India Branch Office – NMLS # 2173358

Mindspace SEZ, Building No. 12A
Unit No. 901, Madhapur
Hyderabad, Telangana, India 500081
Email Address –
Contact # +91 99529 22766
Toll Free # 888-839-0491

Chennai, India Branch Office – NMLS # 2250825

SBD 2, 5th Floor, Wing A, B & C
SIPCOT Siruseri IT Park, Padur Post
Siruseri, Tamil Nadu, India 603103
Email Address –
Contact # +91 9894402544
Toll Free # 888-839-0491

Honolulu Branch Office – NMLS # 2212428

500 Ala Moana Blvd
Suite 7400 - Office 444
Honolulu, HI 96813
Email Address –
Toll Free # 888-839-0491

Philippines Branch Office - NMLS # 2586636

27th Floor, GIGA Tower, BridgeTowne IT Park
Ugong Norte, Quezon City, NCR, Philippines 01110
Email Address:
Toll Free # 888-839-0491, Ext 817261/817264

For complaints, please contact us at # 888-839-0491 or