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Utilities customer experience

What is utilities customer experience?

Utility companies interact with customers every day. How well satisfied their customers are with these interactions—whether they are online paying a bill, notifying in case of an outage, asking a question by phone or requesting a new service on social media—largely defines the customer experience with the service. 

What are the business benefits of utilities customer experience?

Many utility companies are focused on making improvements to their customers’ experience online, in the mail and over the phone. Driven by increased competition and customers being more aware of what excellent service can be, utility providers are exploring new digital solutions. Customer experience frameworks are now available, for example, that leverage the cloud and artificial intelligence (AI) to unify and simplify business communications under one interface. Similarly, omnichannel systems can help utilities to personalize customer offers and communications across mobile, social, chat and other digital channels. 

By improving the customer experience, utility companies can increase customer satisfaction, develop products that are more effective, lower support costs, reduce churn and ultimately grow their customer base.

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