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Omnichannel customer experience (CX)

What is an omnichannel customer experience? 

An omnichannel customer experience (CX) is a multichannel—brick-and-mortar, desktop, mobile, etc.—approach to marketing, sales and customer service that creates an integrated and seamless customer experience. It ensures cohesion across such functions as communication, distribution and promotion.

What are the business benefits of an omnichannel customer experience?

Creating an omnichannel CX delivers multiple business benefits to an organization, including:

  • Customer convenience. Omnichannel CX gives customers multiple ways to contact your company’s sales and service staff. 
  • Customer service. Omnichannel CX can eliminate the annoyance of a customer having to repeat information when switching from one channel or platform to another, because all information is stored in and accessed from a single database.
  • Customer engagement. Using data stored in a customer database, you can better understand individual customers’ wants and needs, and engage them with a more personalized experience.
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