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Oil and gas services

What are oil and gas services?

Oil and gas services refer to products and processes that support the oil and gas industry, including energy exploration, transport of petroleum and gas to refineries, and the processing and delivery of energy assets to market. Frequently the term is used to describe offerings from companies that provide supportive services to the industry, including IT solutions. Often implemented with help from experienced third-party business and technology consultants, oil and gas services can help producers save money, operate more efficiently and even plan and implement new business models.

What are the business benefits of oil and gas services?

Oil and gas companies that have learned to survive in low-price markets are looking for ways to create a longer-term sustainable advantage. Many seek help from oil and gas service providers to make incremental improvements in technical or operational capabilities. Approaches based on making better use of rich pools of data and digital technologies are increasingly used for predictive maintenance, automated pipeline inspections and deep analysis of wells, among many other uses. Business benefits include helping companies establish an integrated operations strategy, transform faster without massive organizational upheaval, and manage complex mergers and acquisitions more effectively.

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