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Oil and gas marketing

What is oil and gas marketing?

Oil and gas marketing refers to the methods and processes energy companies use to raise awareness of their organizations, establish their brand, and drive customers and prospects toward doing business with them. Many companies today increasingly redirect much of their marketing budgets toward digital methods and online marketing strategies. Downstream businesses, for example, depend heavily on the marketing of petroleum products as its customers vary in nature, from large industries to retail customers. 

What are the business benefits of oil and gas marketing?

With digital marketing, oil and gas marketers can follow an integrated approach to improving company perception across web, social, email and related channels. They can engage their audience with automated and tailored messages catering to specialized interests and establish relationships with the right company contacts. The downstream industry segment operates, for example, through a vast network of distributors, dealers and retail stations. As many oil and gas companies diversity into other businesses, their focus on marketing is increasing, as is the demand for non-traditional innovative marketing channels.

Integrated marketing systems can also be used to attract new talent with automated communications held in conjunction with events. Such marketing practices can increase employee productivity and engagement. Additional marketing solutions help energy companies improve the customer experience through integrated loyalty programs, omnichannel payments, chatbots and virtual reality (VR) systems.

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