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Oil and gas infrastructure

What is oil and gas infrastructure?

Oil and gas infrastructure refers to the building facilities, installations, and equipment required by energy companies to run their operations. Upstream oil and gas producers need infrastructure to explore and extract energy resources. Midstream producers have infrastructure to refine and process fuel. And downstream producers use infrastructure to deliver and sell oil and gas to retail organizations.

What are the business benefits of oil and gas infrastructure?

As oil and gas companies modernize operations, many turn to digital technologies and services to optimize processes while maintaining existing infrastructure—from pipeline inspections to refinery optimization. Because energy companies use complex assets in the field and in plants that require ongoing maintenance, asset management solutions are key to proper infrastructure maintenance. So too are systems that schedule human and material resources for repairs, manage inventory, and provide mobile solutions for field employees to access data and submit reports.

Increasingly, business rests on the readiness of a company’s IT infrastructure to adapt to changing business conditions. Aging, sluggish or inefficient IT infrastructure poses as big a threat as any disruptive market force.

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