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Oil and gas consulting

What is oil and gas consulting?

Oil and gas consultants help energy professionals in the upstream, midstream and downstream industry unleash the full value of their energy assets safely, securely and profitably. Typically using a combination of industry expertise, best practices and tested solutions, oil and gas consultants can help organizations to maximize the value of reserves, deploy the latest digital IT solutions and offer new processes in support of alternative energy sources.

What are the business benefits of oil and gas consulting?

Because oil and gas companies operate in a global environment that is under competitive, financial and regulatory pressure, many seek outside help from industry consultants to operate more efficiently or to unlock new growth. Upstream producers involved in exploration and production may seek support in establishing a digital operations strategy or to implement digital oil field programs. Midstream producers challenged with aging infrastructures may use business consultants for improved cost efficiency and risk control in such areas as pipeline integrity and leak detection. Meanwhile, many downstream producers rely on oil and gas consultants to help identify retail operations bottlenecks and to enhance the customer experience.

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