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Enterprise service management

What is enterprise service management (ESM)?

Enterprise service management, or ESM, is the process of digitizing activities and coordinating digitization initiatives across an entire enterprise, in order to drive innovation, collaboration, agility and scalability. ESM is often reffered to as a business-focused, enterprise-wide expansion of traditional IT service management, which focuses only on IT functions.

What are the business benefits of ESM?

Enterprise service management delivers multiple business benefits to an organization, including: 

  • Predictable operations, by using intelligent automation to simplify complex processes and modernize workflows across the enterprise 
  • Seamless collaboration, by converging workflows across organizational functions such as ERP, CRM, PPM, application development, IT support and operations
  • Simplified end user experiences, by using smart, intuitive and intelligent processes with a human-centered design approach and built-in intelligence powered by AI and machine learning.
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