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Digital wealth management platform

What is a digital wealth management platform?

Digital wealth management platforms provide financial firms with the latest integrated tools and data driven analytics needed to empower their advisors to provide smart solutions. They enable advisors to better understand clients’ needs and recommend suitable portfolio allocations.

What are the business benefits of a digital wealth management platform?

Digital wealth management platforms enable firms to:

  • Maintain complete ownership of client relationships. New platforms eliminate the need to outsource digital advice to third-party automated providers. 
  • Deliver consistent advice across channels. With client advice powered by each firm’s unique methodology, investment strategies, capital market assumptions and preferred investment products can ensure consistency of advice across all channels.
  • Manage multiple, complex investment programs from one solution. Digital wealth management platforms can fully automate the creation and management of desired investment strategies.
  • Streamline operations. From real-time paperless onboarding and automated portfolio management to streamlined workflows and branded client communications, a digital platform brings complete automation of key touchpoints and operational tasks.
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